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Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Your air conditioning unit will last forever or around 15 years, whichever comes first. A high-quality HVAC unit that is well-maintained may keep running 5-10 more years. Yet, you can expect to experience common air conditioningproblems, some are easy fixes and others aren’t.

Oklahoma weather gets hot and muggy from June to December. Average temperatures in Oklahoma hover around 90F - 100F. For your comfort, a working HVAC system is a necessity, not a luxury.

Let’s explore air conditioning problems that can cause you discomfort. Be mindful, the root causes of most problems are iffy and may require diagnostics from a professional HVAC technician.

Air Not Cold

There are several reasons cold air isn’t blowing out of the vents while your AC is running.

The condenser may be blocked or dirty. Clear the area around your exterior unit of weeds or grass and clean debris from the condenser. If a blockage is visible, remove it.

However, if the condenser fan isn’t rotating, it’s probably burned out. When the exterior fan is not functioning right, it can’t properly transmit inner-heat to the outdoors. The compressor can overheat. If the problem isn’t addressed, interior damage of the compressor can result. Call HVAC professionals for assessment.

Is the thermostat set on “cool” and at your comfortable temperature? On extremely hot days, you may need to lower temperature setting.

When did you change the air filter? Dirty air filters can lead to serious issues, such as a frozen coil. Although, frozen coils can result from low coolant.

Refrigerant may be leaking. This problem requires the attention of a professional. It’s not enough to add coolant, the leak must be located and addressed.

HVAC Unit Quit Running

The compressor may have failed. Often, it’s not cost-effective to get the compressor repaired. Experts suggest that if your air conditioning unit is over eight years old, replacement is the smart option.

See if a breaker in the electrical panel has tripped. If so, to reset the breaker, flip it off and back on. If this problem continues, the system may have a short in the fan motor, capacitor or compressor. Engage an electrician to locate and fix the problem.

When the outdoor unit won’t kick on it usually indicates a bad run capacitor needs replacing.

Air Conditioning Unit Constantly Shuts Off (Short Cycling)

This is another occasion where a dirty air filter may be the culprit. It so, change the filter.

During excessive outdoor heat, it’s possible adequate air is not moving through the unit. Try turning up the fan speed.

The thermostat determines when to turn the air conditioning system on and off, by judging the surrounding temperature. For example, if your thermostat is close to a window that the sun shines through, the thermostat decides the home is warmer or colder than it is in reality. Rather than constantly turning the temperature up or down, it’s better to move the thermostat to a central location. This is a job for your HVAC technician.

Low refrigerant comes into play when your AC is short cycling. The correct amount of coolant helps keep pressure levels steady so that your compressor functions the way it is intended. Low refrigerant activates the low-pressure control of your compressor, causing it to shut off. When off, pressure elevates, and the compressor restarts itself. This aggravating on-off-on-off cycle can lead to significant damage or even failure of your HVAC system.

Final Words

You depend upon air conditioning to keep you comfortable, during those Oklahoma days when the temperature tops 100-degrees.

Be mindful, your HVAC system is fabricated from many integrated components. Therefore, it’s rarely easy for you to detect the source of problems when your unit isn’t operating correctly.

Here, you can depend upon your HVAC professional technician to diagnose and treat air conditioning problems.