Preparing Your Air Conditioner System and Furnace

Prepare Your Air Conditioner System and Furnace Air Conditioning & Heating Tips

Preparing in Autumn and Spring


Many homeowners remember to call a professional for heating repairs and furnaces in the autumn, but forget about the importance of air conditioning services in the spring.


Oklahoma is a region that has hot summer weather after a long winter, leading to needing an expert to inspect, clean and fix your air conditioner. Of course, there are things that homeowners in Edmond, OK can do to ensure their Trane brand air conditioner is going to optimally operate throughout the summer months. Performing these tasks will help to keep an air conditioner running smoothly without breakdowns, while preventing huge electric bills.

Change and Clean Your Air Filters

Before turning on a building’s air conditioner in the spring, get a head start by cleaning the vents located on the floor, walls and ceilings. This job may require removing screws to lift covers and reach inside to wipe away cobwebs and removing debris, but it will be well worth it. For vents located on the ceiling or walls, a sturdy ladder might be required. For floor vents, use caution to not fall into the openings. After cleaning, make sure that vents are completely open and unobstructed by furniture and rugs to get the best air circulation possible. Next, take the cover off the air conditioner to dust its interior and change its filter.

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To have fresh air and reduce electric bills, change a filter approximately once a month. A clean filter helps keep your Trane equipment operating for many more years in addition to helping to keep a home cool. Turn on the air conditioner to listen carefully for sounds that indicate a part is worn or broken. If there is a problem, contact Oklahoma Air, for your heating and cooling service needs. In addition to offering heating repair to Edmond, OK residents, we have knowledgeable technicians available to repair air conditioners anytime.