Save some money on utility bills this summer

Save Money On Utility Bills This Summer Air Conditioning & Heating Tips

As the summer begins, you and your family enjoy the excitement of a time without school and a relaxing of the normal routine. It is a great time to go outside to play sports or enjoy a picnic. Also it is time to start using your HVAC in Edmond OK. When you run your air conditioning system, you will notice a rise in the cost of your utilities. Each summer, you look for new ways to keep these costs under control and save some money. Here are a few tips to help you bring those costs down this summer.

Chores in the Early Morning and Evening


Some of the appliances in your home raise the temperature. Things like your dryer and dishwasher will cause your home to become warmer and your Trane air conditioner to run longer. This summer try doing laundry in the early morning or late evening. These are the cooler times of day, and your air conditioner will not need to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.

Service Call


Before the summer heats up, call your local professional for HVAC in Edmond OK to clean and maintain your air conditioner. They will clean out the unit, replace the air filter, clean the air condenser coils and calibrate your thermostat. All of these chores are designed to make sure your unit runs more efficiently and lower your utility bills.

Programmable Thermostat


When you are having your air conditioner serviced, you should ask the technician to install a programmable thermostat. These devices will help you maintain a comfortably cool home while the family is there. It can be programmed to reset and not run the air conditioning unit as much when you leave for work. If programmed correctly, it will cool off the home right before you return home in the evening. These thermostats will make sure you are not cooling your home when no one is home.

Enjoy a Later Dinner


Everyone loves being in the kitchen when a meal is being prepared. The space is warm and inviting. It is warm because the oven and stovetop are heating the space. With a five o’clock dinnertime, you are heating your kitchen at the hottest time of day and forcing your Trane air conditioner to run harder. Try eating a couple of hours later when the outside temperatures have cooled off.

By combing these tips, your family can save some money on AC utility bills this summer. Contact us today for more tips.